What Can You Expect From MoneyLovers?

Here at Money Lovers our motto is happy sales ;) We'll start you off with several offers for you to test your traffic. While we specialize in PPT (pay per trial) online dating offers we also incorporate other verticals that include CBD, weight loss and enhancement offers. With over 10 years running, 10,000+ registered affiliates, 1,500+ campaigns and millions of dollars paid annual in affiliate commissions, we like to think we have this down! Be sure to contact your designated affiliate manager for exclusive designs to suit your needs and exclusive setups if you and/or your team can generate some serious volume!

Email Marketing

Our offers will allow your email and sms traffic that is compliant. If you have any questions about specific offers to suit your needs, contact your designated Affiliate Manager


to help you earn more bang for your buck with Money Lovers.

Why Us

Our team touts webmaster experience since 1999 and combines the minds of several marketing experts in the industry. With an intense focus


on our affiliates' success and backed by customer service that is second to none, Money Lovers goal is to help propel each of our affiliates to their maximum potential. Create your account today and let us prove to you just how much your traffic is REALLY worth.

Chat With Us

Still on the fence or unsure how we can guide you to more revenue? Don't hesitate to reach out! Contact any of our managers to get your questions answered. We're always here and happy to


show you how to squeeze every dollar out of your traffic!

Weekly payouts with no hold! Fast payments!

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