What Can You Expect From MoneyLovers Mail?

The bottom line is this; we offer a no BS, fully functional, fully managed data delivery solution to generate the maximum revenue possible. Start and stop as you wish, but once you start you won't want to stop.There are never any fees to use our service, we simply split all revenue generated from your delivered campaigns 50/50. We handle everything from managing your campaigns, to keeping servers and IP reputation up, we monitor delivery to stay inboxing through

Email Delivery

We have tools to deliver all of your email traffic that is compliant. You must provide us with required data along with your email list to comply, but contact us for details and we can


help you in yet another way to earn more bang for your buck with Money Lovers.

Why Us

Our team touts webmaster experience since1997 and combines combines the minds of several marketing experts in the online dating industry. With an intense focus


on our affiliates' success and backed by customer service that is second to none, Money Lovers goal is to help propel each of our affiliates to their maximum potential. Create your webmaster account today and let us prove to you just how much your traffic is REALLY worth.


We are truly the one stop shop for chatters, offring more trials then any other programe. We offer the best support with regional affiliate managers and we are a trusted name


in the Dating Industry!

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